Partial dentures

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures or part dentures are used to replace one or more missing teeth.


Partial denture frameworks can be made from lightweight alloys, plastic (acrylic) materials or flexible thermoplastic materials (usually nylon based) such as Valplast and Flexite.

The different types of partial denture bases all have artificial teeth attached, again those teeth are available in several materials; acrylics, porcelain, composite and more recently NHC (nano hybrid composite) materials.

Metal alloys, flexible clips, precision attachments or dental implants can also be used to provide additional support and grip for a partial dentures.

Correctly designed and fitting partial dentures should be comfortable, and aesthetically acceptable, they should not be considered inferior to other restorative tooth replacement options.

Where possible the clasps or attachments are hidden so that they can't be seen when you smile or talk.

It is important that you maintain good oral health if you wear a partial denture for more information on partial dentures and oral health click here.

What types of partial dentures are there ?


Chrome cobalt removable partial dentures help Natural teeth provide extra retention (grip) for a partial denture and more importantly distribute the loading and stresses of a partial denture through these natural teeth.

This prevents the denture compressing and damaging delicate tissue structures surrounding those teeth. These partial dentures are manufactured in a lightweight biocompatible chrome alloys such as Vitallium 2000.

Acrylic or flexible materials are then used to attach artificial teeth to the cast framework, these dentures are stronger than purely acrylic partial dentures and the partial dentures of choice.

Cobalt- Chrome (CO-CR) dental plates can be designed in various ways to suit individual patients, for example using a 'skeleton' or 'equipoise' design which minimises the surface the denture will come into contact with. Chrome-cobalt can also be utilised to reinforce full dentures and be used to strengthen implant retained acrylic dentures.

Although more expensive, Chrome dentures are considered the partial dentures of choice, for the long term integrity of your remaining natural teeth and overall oral health. Tooth borne Chrome-Cobalt removable partial dentures require careful design and planning and team approach.